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Pablo Armando Fernandez one of the most important Cuban writers and his eight decades
This news might be a surprise for many, since his biographical charts declare the birth year of the writer as 1930. But in reality, as he himself has declared, he was born on March 2nd, 1929 in the Delicias sugar refinery, in the northern part of the Eastern region. Yet another curious thing is the double sense of belonging he feels and that is felt for him by the people from Las Tunas and from Holguín, beyond the limits of the political-administrative division that appeared during the 1970´s.

Beyond his love for his province is his love for his country. He has said: “I feel really loved all over the country. People look at me full of respect, with so much affection that it moves me and it makes me happy. The roads of my existence are implicit in my work, but they were already programmed centuries ago; what makes me truly Cuban is its history, the men and women who handed in their fortune in order to make Cuba a sovereign country. You will find this in poetry from Heredia to Guillén. To be part of that generation consolidates my being.”

Among the work published by Pablo Armando are the poetry books Salterio y lamentaciones (1953), Nuevos poemas (Nueva York, 1955), Toda la poesía (1961), Himnos (1962), El libro de los héroes (1962), Un sitio permanente (Madrid, 1970), Campo de amor y de batalla (1984), El sueño y la razón (1988) and Pequeño cuaderno de Manila Hartman (2000).

But he has also received recognition as a novel writer. One of the narration texts that pointed out new ways in Cuban novel writing from the second halve of the last century was Los niños se despiden, awarded in 1968 by Casa de las Américas. The critic also gives it much merit to El vientre del pez (1989) and to Otro golpe de dados (1993).

Early on, yet another great Cuban writer, Eugenio Florit, announced about Pablo Armando´s literary creation: “Like every other authentic poetry, the serious, the sincere, the honest poetry, this one by Fernández is a door that opens the way for us to another domain. It is not necessary to say which one. Another domain that in its mystery takes us in all our body and soul into the deepest places. And into the highest ones.”

That has always been its hope and its achievement, of which Cuban readers feel very proud.


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