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The XIII edition of Cubadisco is approaching
It is the most integrating event of the Cuban music and constitute a preferential space to expose the main achievements of the Cuban record industry, to appreciate a luxury musical program, with the special presentations of both Cuban and foreign artists, to promote tributes and deliver national and international awards to important personalities of the Cuban and universal culture.

In this XIII edition, expected to be held from the 16 and until the 24 of May 2009, Cubadisco will have Puerto Rico as guest of honour. Puerto Rico is a country with historic and cultural links with Cuba. The occasion will be the ideal one to pay tribute to important Puerto Rican composers such as Rafael Hernandez, Tite Curet Alonso, Pedro Flores, Bobby Capo and Daniel Santos and to enjoy the traditional musical genres of this friendly country, such as the bomba, the plena, the danza and the seis.

We shall also pay tribute to important Cuban musicians, highly praised by our people such as Los Van Van Orchestra, Aragon Orchestra, Benny More, Barbarito Diez and Rodrigo Prats.

The main topic will be "La Música y los Niños", (Music and Children), since music is a fundamental part of the culture, identity, formation and intellectual development, having great importance for the human development, through which the full development of the children, his sensibility, movement, intelligence, communication and abilities is supported and strengthened. Music creates skills, sensations, feelings and above everything else happiness in the children.


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