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Cuba and Mozambique Sign Cooperation Accord in Havana
The document includes mutual cooperation programs and projects in legislative processes and sessions, the performance of plenary meetings and commissions, public and international relations, the parliamentary press, the exchange of materials and information, and other issues.  

After signing the document at the headquarters of the Cuban parliament, Alarcón underlined that, in this way, the two countries materialized their aspiration of expanding and deepening bonds between the top governmental organs of the two nations.  

Mulebwe confirmed that the accords reflect the excellent level of bilateral relations, the nature of which are historical, of friendship, and of cooperation in the struggles for national independence.  

The visiting parliamentarians travelled to Havana following an official invitation, and he has already held talks with Alarcón and other Cuban leaders. Visits to places of economic, social and historical leaders are also included in his agenda.  

Mulebwe’s delegation is made up by deputies Viana Magahae, vicepresident of Mozambique’s Parliament; Milagrosa Armanda Langa, president of the Parliamentarian League for Friendship with Cuba, Margarita Talapa, and other officials from that African country.


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