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UNESCO considers Cuba an example in the preservation of the patrimony
The representative of the UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean highlighted the huge effort made by Cuba to preserve both its World Patrimony sites, as well as its cultural and natural ones.

He assured that there is a political will to create institutions with that aim, to give continuity to them as well as persistence to move forward despite the difficulties.

He expressed his satisfaction for the immediate recovery of the country after the impact of the hurricanes Ike and Paloma, which passed over Cuba in the last month of last year, with the help of a modest contribution of UNESCO.

He praised the responsible study and the planning of the Cuban institutions for the preservation, through plans and directors who respond to the requirements of the World Patrimony Convention.

He considered that the creation of the office of the Historian of Old Havana was an important base for Cuba, but it has management models that are also valid for other countries.

Van Hoof assured in the city of Camaguey, Cultural Patrimony of Humanity that he see great compromise, interest and conscience in the population who live proud of its history, identity and patrimony.

He considered that the Project of preserving the old area, with its 495 years is assuming high challenges with the new condition of the city.

Van Hoof officially delivered the certificate Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, a special motivation of the parties for the birth date of its foundation.


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