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Cubans with Computer Skills Increase
In more than 600 facilities of this kind throughout the country, courses to train hundreds and thousands of people of all ages are taught.

A note by the National Information Agency (AIN) said the Young Clubs are giving free services to the community.

Training courses on web platforms are taught in the regular, part time and distance course modes.

The Young Clubs were created in September 1987, including 5 mobile laboratories to get to the most distant zones of the island.

They count on 7,138 computers, printing centers, and image digitalization, storing and reproduction of great volumes of information.

The use of the information technology in different branches of the economy and public health makes possible to increase life quality for people with illnesses which cannot be cured with medications.

An example is the simulation project by means of computers, to analyze the behaviour of the immunology system, using equations and calculations, and developed at the Molecular Immunology Center.

Agustin Lage, director of the Molecular Immunology Center, told the press such a technique might lead to predictions on how to vaccinate a patient or a better treatment for him.


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