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Cuba Presents Linux based Operative System at IT Fair
NOVA, a Linux-based operative system allows standard office work and other applications, like running music and video archives and surfing the Web; the initiative is aimed at saving expenses in terms of paying for software program licenses and achieving technological independence and sovereignty.

Second year university student Heysi Montero Martinez told the Cuban News Agency that the NOVA system and other free technologies are aimed at inexpert users or at those who are currently migrating to this Linux-based software programs.

The system offers many advantages particularly the access to the program from the original source by the users, who can make modifications and adapt it to very particular interface needs, said Montero Martinez.

The NOVA team is based at the University of Information Technologies (UCI); its members are in charge of the operation of the new system, offering new technical supports, security patches and software updates, among others.

The Information Technologies Fair, which winds up on Friday, is being attended by nearly 150 companies from 20 countries, including China, Venezuela, Russia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Spain and Canada.


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