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Culture Week to begin in Camaguey Cuba
The event was celebrated in the Workers Plaza, where there are properties that were raised for three centuries, and is one of the main places of the area declared World Cultural Heritage Site.

The morning event also included a child’s disguise festival and a fair in which artisans publicly made pieces such as wood sculptures, ceramics pieces and metallic ornaments.

It also took place the reading of the edict (a normative document) of the celebration of the anniversary from the balconies of the ancient town hall, the current seat of the municipal government, and the Cuban building with the most time dedicated to government offices, effective there from the 18th century.

The Sunday program ended in the Major General Ignacio Agramonte Revolution Plaza, with an artistic gala of musical, dance and declamatory expressions.
Last Monday night, the oldest area of the final Camagüey settlement was oficially proclaimed World Cultural Heritage Site.

This solemn ceremony took place in the current Agramonte Park, the former Arms Plaza, the founding area of the last of the three locations of the Village pf Santa María del Puerto del Principe, currently Camagüey.


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