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In Cienfuegos Cuba Improved Water Supply in the Guamuhaya Massif
Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos .- About 25 kilometers of new water pipes, installed after the passage of the devastating storms Fay and Ike, have enabled the provision of potable water to the inhabitants of the remote sites in the Guamuhaya Massif.

The establishment of mains water pipes now allows the settlements in the mountainous centre of the island, which previously had no access to the liquid, to benefit in the manner of Charco Azul Abajo, Vegueta and Minas.

At this moment a team from the Provincial Water and Sewerage Company is working on the expansion and improvement of the supply and waste systems in the towns of Crucesitas, Caleta Munoz and other communities of the area.

Later they will work on the repairing of the pumping equipment, tanks and supply mains in San Blas, El Sopapo and Mayari, as part of an agreement between the Cienfuegos´ Government and the Mitterrand Foundation of France, an institution that has allocated 36,000 dollars to this task.

Another $ 50,000 will be added to the investment by the Provincial Water Supply and Sewerage Company throughout the year.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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