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Cuba Participates in UN Debate on Africa
Cuba also call for the mobilization of new and additional resources, as well as financial, technical and human support and a larger worldwide effort in terms of health and education in the continent, reported Prensa Latina news agency from New York.

These were the positions expressed by Cuba first vice-president, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, in his speech to the special high level session Africa’s development needs: state of implementation of various commitments, challenges and the way forward.

In his speech to the forum, Machado Ventura affirmed that if an answer is not given to the imperative need of establishing a new North-South relation system, ¨whatever we do, will be a futile exercise¨.

Likewise, Machado Ventura denounced the ¨unfair and unsustainable economic, financial, and commercial order ruling the world, which marginalizes and sacrifices 80 percent of the world population¨ This sacrifice, he underlined, is to sustain the waste and extravagances of a small minority. He qualified as contradictory the fact that several statespersons from developed countries attending this high level meeting expressed their worries about the situation in Africa, while is precisely their nations who impose Draconian conditions on African countries.

Cuba’s first Vice-president referred to the profound bonds between his country and the African states, and affirmed that cooperating with that continent is an essential element of the Cuban Revolution´s foreign policy.

After reminding the audience Cuba’s unselfish and determined help to the African countries in their fight against colonialism and apartheid, Machado Ventura pointed out that over 33 thousand youth from that continent graduated in the Caribbean nation in the last 50 years.

At present there are 2 thousand 253 young Africans on scholarships in Cuban universities from 46 countries, he added. He also stated that just in 2007, the one thousand 982 Cuban doctors and health professionals that worked in 35 African countries gave almost 7 million medical consultations, assisted some 100 thousand births and performed around 200 thousand surgeries.

Machado Ventura, when he put Cuba as an example of what an underdeveloped country has achieved, asked ¨what couldn’t Northern countries achieve, that have more than enough resources?¨ It is not resources what they lack, it is the political will, he said.

Finally, the Cuban first VP assured that the Africans don’t need new promises or paternal recipes, but respect to their rights and a fair and equalitarian international order Machado Ventura Heads Cuban Delegation to UN

Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura paid tribute on Sunday to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti and to Venezuelan Simon Bolivar at New York’s Central Park.

According to Granma news daily, Machado Ventura, who heads the Cuban delegation to the 63rd Period of Sessions of the UN General Assembly, placed floral wreaths in front of the monuments of these two Latin American heroes in New York.

The other members of the Cuban delegation to the UN meeting, Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque and Fernando Remirez De Estenoz, head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Central Committee of Cuba’s Communist Party, accompanied Machado Ventura in these ceremonies.

Also present was the Cuban ambassador before the United Nations, Rodrigo Malmierca.

The Cuban delegation’s program for Monday includes Machado Ventura’s intervention at a UN High Level Meeting on Africa’s Development Needs.

The Cuban VP will also participate in bilateral meetings and in a solidarity rally organized by members of the US campaign for the release of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who remain as political prisoners in the United States since 1998.


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