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 In Las Tunas Cuba  Exhibits Art of Painter Yamila Comas
More than a dozen of works in medium format integrate her gallery that makes reference to the femininity with great aesthetic pleasure and energy, impregnated by the use of the tropical colors.

Very defined lines, that ratify the physiognomy of the psychological sign, startle in oil painting on canvas and detail the suffering of the women poetically, the solitude due to the betrayal and the cold masculinity.

Yamila Comas is graduated in Sculpture and Drawing and she studied in the Professional School of Plastic arts, in Las Tunas, some 690 kiilómetros of Havana.

This artist, member of the UNEAC and the Hermanos Saiz Association has sold her paintings in Spain, Italy, Norway, Canada, France and Cuba. She has participated in several famed national and international exhibitions.

Her work has been recognized with laurels such as the second and the first Prize of the Hall Erotic Art, in the 2007 and the 2008, respectively, and the second and first Prize of the Hall UNEAC, in the 2006 and the 2005.

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