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El cuerno de la abundancia a new film by a cuban filmmaker Juan Carlos Tabío
El cuerno de la abundancia, the latest proposal of the filmmaker Juan Carlos Tabío in the Canadian metropolis.

«It is about a supposed millionaire inheritance that arrives to a family. Starting from this argument there is a story with different characters and with some of the characteristics of the current Cuban reality».

Jorge Perugorría returns to the big screen as a main role, followed by Tahimí Alvariño, Vladimir Cruz y Mirta Ibarra, who have join him in several Tabio´s movies.

«This time I invited the young actress Annia Bú Mauro, who we were lucky enough to find in the casting. I liked her and I’m very satisfied with her work. Laura de la Uz, Paula Alí and Enrique Molina also take part in the movie. »

The movie was made in a co-production with Spain and with the held of Ibermedia, the technical team also has the help of Hans Burmann as a photography director, who has been very successful with his lens in the Cuban reality since the shooting of Guantanamera.

«I like the people who I have previously worked with. Hans Burmann is an excellent director pf photography and I’m very comfortable with him. Berta Frías, the daughter of Carmen Frias is the film editor. She made the edition of Guantanamera and of Lista de Espera. The sound engineer is Eduardo Esquide. It is the first time he joins our team, as also the musician Lucio Godoy, who is an Argentinean who lives in Spain».

The production of the movie was made in Spain, but the shooting was made in two Cuban towns Santa María del Rosario and Bejucal. The film is nopw awaiting its premiere.

«Up to now you do not have a clear idea, once the people see the movie I will know. I think the satisfaction arrives with time, according to the impact the movie has in the public and, in some way, also in the critic. Nobody has yet seen the movie, only a few of my friends, who as they are my friends, they loved it».

«Its world premiere will be at the Toronto Festival and I hope it will be screened at the next edition of the Festival of the New Latin American Cinema».

Confessions of the scriptwriter.

Juan Carlos Tabío, director of El cuerno de la abundancia, watched over the excellence during the shooting.

The script of the El cuerno de la abundancia was written in four hands. Arturo Arango who is the author of the story that gave birth to the movie Lista de espera and a co-scriptwriter, together with Tabio, of Aunque estés lejos, gets us closer to the start of this new creation.

The story starts from a real event or a fictional one?

There is an initial paragraph in the script that says: «Some of the events that gave birth to this story actually occurred in reality. All characters and events of the story are fictional».

«Specially in the 90’s, due to the economic crisis we lived, there were a lot of rumours about millionaire inheritances awaiting in London or New York. The famous one was the Manso – Contreras one. I knew some parts of this story that were almost absurd. From those small events we started to create the argument of the film».

El cuerno de la abundancia a kind of Lista de espera (Awaiting list), in which what is awaited to arrive well and soon is the inheritance?

Not quit. From the dramatic point of view there are undeniable similarities. But in Lista de espera we can see the best of the human being. The El cuerno de la abundancia is exactly the contrary. In Lista de espera the extreme situation creates solidarity and it reached a situation of spiritual well being, that later on became unreal. In El cuerno de la abundancia the egoism, manipulations and dirty games prevail.

Producers wanted it to be a comedy. Would you like, in the future, to write a more «serious» script for cinema?

First of all, the producers preferred a comedy and that was the right tone for El cuerno de la abundancia. It means, the movie is a comedy because the story requires it and Tornasol Films agree with it.

«I have written several script that are not comedies, but for some reasons, those scripts have not been made. Everything depends on the idea that arrives to my mind. That is for me the most difficult moment of the creation. If a comedy arrives, I write a comedy. If a tragedy arrives, I write a tragedy. But I tell you that this is a very serious comedy. There are some people who have cried with it and I’m not talking about tears provoked by laugh».


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