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Season of Cuban Films at University of Guadalajara Mexico
They were mostly new Cuban films, which have not yet been screened in Mexico and many digital materials, offering an opportunity to assess the development of digital film on the island.

Ernesto Rodríguez, Director of the Cineforo, stressed that the Cuban film industry is increasingly reflecting the present situation, with fresher productions that deal not only with ideological themes, as with previous films, but others with a more critical eye of Cuban society, in general.

The season also included documentaries like ´72 horas´ (72 Hours) by Jeffrey Puente García; ‘La cuchufleta´ by Luis Ángel Guevara Polanco; ‘Monteros´, by Alejandro Ramírez Anderson and the short film ‘Stand By´ by Carlos Machado Quíntela.

Feature films included ‘Personal Belongings´(image) by Alejandro Brugués; ‘El Benny´ by Jorge Luis Sánchez; ‘La edad de la peseta´ (The Silly Age) by Pavel Glroud; ‘La noche de los inocentes´ by Arturo Sotto; and ‘Nada´ (Nothing) by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti.

The season was closed last August 29th with the presentation of the film ´Páginas del diario de Mauricio´ (Pages from Mauricio´s Diary), a Cuban-Spanish-Mexican co-production by Manuel Pérez Paredes.


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