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House Refurbishment Makes Progress in Ciego de Avila Cuba
The improvements represent 53 percent of the 2008 and comprised doors, windows, roofs, sewage   and other works, as expressed by authorities of the housing sector.  

The purpose is to duplicate the number of restored houses by the end of the December, essentially with the effort of the residents and materials provided by the State.  

In spite of the shortage of cement, steel and wood, 1, 880 houses were built from January to June. In this case the works were also carried out mainly by the owners and their families. The yearly plan consists on building 3 154, which figure will greatly contribute to increase the housing stock.  

Another important housing plan is carried out in the province, the restoration and conservation of 189 apartment buildings, which task has been the responsibility of the people and several organizations. The figure is equivalent to almost 20 percent of that kind of edifice, many of them standing for more than four decades.
Most of the apartment buildings subjected to repair have been painted and their wooden doors and windows have been replaced with aluminium panels, which material grants durability. (AIN)


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