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Cuba reiterated rejection of the hegemonic policy carried out by successive US administrations
During the closing ceremony of a program of activities to mark the centennial of Salvador Allende’s birthday held on Tuesday in Havana, the head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Central Committee of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC), Fernando Remirez de Estenoz, stressed that Washington’s imperial intentions in the region are not over. He recalled that it was the administration of former US President Richard Nixon which organized the coup d’état that overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973. De Estenoz noted that Washington’s policy continues unchanged and that the current incumbent of the White House, George W. Bush, has far exceeded the crimes, lies and ignorance of the Nixon Administration. The Cuban official added that Allende’s ideals are more valid than ever in the ongoing revolutionary process in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and other Latin American nations where “the great tree-lined avenues are opening” as dreamed by the former Chilean leader. The ceremony on Tuesday was presided over by the President of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, and Pedro Saez Montejo, First Secretary of the PCC in Havana City. Also present in the meeting were relatives of Salvador Allende. Her daughter, Isabel Allende, thanked Cuba for keeping alive the memory of her father and for the Cuban people’s support of the South American nation. (

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