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Members of the US Pastors for Peace Caravan visited historical places in central Cuba
The group, made up by 40 friends of Cuba, placed flowers at the cemetery of the Martyrs of the Rebel Army’s Ciro Redondo Column 8 and by the bust of Che Guevara, located in the area where the Rebel Army used to operate during the revolutionary struggle.

The activists also met with members of the Association of veterans of the Cuban Revolution, who shared their experiences from the days of the uprising against the Fulgencio Batista’s bloody dictatorship.

In order to learn more about social and economic development in Cuban rural areas, the visitors exchanged with members of a farmer cooperative and enjoyed Cuban traditional music. Tomorrow, they will visit the old colonial section of Trinidad, the third villa founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The 19th Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba arrived in Havana July 5, headed by the Reverend Lucius Walker, who has traditionally led the humanitarian action. The group is made up of over one hundred activists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some European countries who, in open defiance of Washington´s over-45-year economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba continue to bring humanitarian aid for the Cuban people.

Pastors for Peace, a group with the US Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), has been working for social justice for over 40 years and has taken humanitarian aid to Cuba since 1992.     


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