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In Guantanamo Cuba Freed Cameraman Denounces Torture at US Base
“After multiple sessions of totally inhumane tortures, the officials offered me a deal: they would free me if I would become an agent of the United States whose objective was to spy on Aljazeera. In exchange they would give me and my family US citizenship, a house, a car and salary according to the results of my work,” explained al Hajj.

The Sudanese reporter is in Geneva for meetings with representatives of the UN High Commission or Human Rights office, the International Red Cross and other NGOs to denounce his treatment and ask that the US prison located on occupied Cuban territory be shut down.

Sami left his home in Doha (Qatar) for Afghanistan on October 11, 2001, sent by Aljazeera. After two months in Afghani territory, he was arrested at the Pakistan border by Pakistani authorities. Shortly after he was handed over to United States troops, which locked him up for five months in Kandahar before transporting him to Guantanamo where he remained until May 1, 2008.

Once at the Guantanamo camp, the situation worsened: “Mistreatment, sleep deprivation, cell change every two hours, forced nudity, enclosure in cold cells, constant lighting and sexual humiliation,” said al-Hajj. “It was a perfect plan; there were a team of doctors and psychiatrists that applied an established program of torture. They thought of everything.”


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