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The relation that exists among: clay, fashion and, architecture; figures as the central topic proposed by the participants coming from approximately fifteen nations such as: Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Cuba.

Among the initiatives, stand out the design of a collective mural destined for a children institution of this province and the production of two social works that will be part of the universal collection that includes around 200 pieces, which will be exposed at the future contemporary ceramic museum of this territory.

The program scheduled until April 30th includes: the work of local artist Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria at "Doña Iris" Workshop, the inauguration of expositions, the visit to historical sites and institutions, and the theoretical event that initiated this Wednesday, at Vicentina de la Torre Art Academy, with a conference given by Nazario Salazar upon the development of this manifestation of art in Camagüey.

Cuban Raciel Feria will share his personal experiences during the morning of next Thursday, followed by Chilean professor and artist Silvia Stansfield who is going to address the topic upon the features of the advantaged modality discussed in a meeting that celebrates at the south of Australia, where she lives.

Dominican Timo Pimentel, president of the IGNERI Foundation, and one of the authors of this Symposium, honors the meeting along with other foreign hosts. So in relation to the Island, important personalities within the field will be also present; they are: designer Mercy Nodarse, architect Juan Félix, and plastic artists Pastor Fumero, Amelia Carballo, and Raciel Feria.


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