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Cuban Oil Refineries: Substitute Imports
The production of plates for cracking towers in Cuba will substitute imports of these parts and accessories for all the oil refineries of the country and those linked to the regional ALBA integrating project.

These plates are essential in the cracking processes that break apart hydrocarbons into smaller olefins to obtain oil byproducts, reads an article in Trabajadores newspaper.

The work is being done at the INPUD Home Appliances Factory in Villa Clara province, east of Havana. The plant already produced over 300 stainless steel plates of 1m diameter, 70,000 valves, and other accessories in use at the oil refinery of Cienfuegos.

Besides the Cienfuegos refinery, a joint venture Cuba- Venezuela which is part of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas integrationist project, the country has two other oil refineries, the Ñico Lopez plant in Havana and the Hermanos Diaz plant in Santiago de Cuba.


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