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In ten years, Cuba could be able to generate 500 MW by wind energy
In ten years, Cuba could be able to generate 500 MW by wind energy, not to mention the power that could be obtained from other renewable sources that are now being tested in the country.

Manuel Menéndez, head of the Group of Coordination and Support of the Council of State, spoke about advances in the Comprehensive Program for the Development of Alternative Energy Sources at the conclusion of the Eighth International Workshop of the Cubasolar agency.

"We are studying all possibilities, but we have opportunities to move forward in obtaining energy from biomass, sunlight and wind, among other sources," he said.

Regarding wind energy, measurements show favorable perspectives to continue the construction of wind farms in Gibara, Holguín, and in areas of Maisí, in Guantánamo.

Menéndez said that the first wind measurements at 50 meters of height were recently finished in the northern coastline of Ciego de Ávila, within a series of research efforts that continue in this province.

Up to now, a generating capacity of seven megawatts has been installed in Cuba at three wind farms located at the Island of Youth, Ciego de Ávila and Holguín.

"One of the greatest aims of our development program is to turn the Island of Youth into Cubas test area of all alternative energy sources," said Menéndez to the more than 200 delegates from 23 countries attending the workshop.

He also spoke about the project of obtaining from five to six megawatts from biomass in the southern area of the special municipality (Island of Youth) and the use of solar heaters in some 145 houses in that provinces capital city, Nueva Gerona.

"I think that at the end we will be able to cover up to 40 percent of the energy consumed on the Island of Youth using renewable sources," he said.

The project of building a factory of solar heaters in Ciego de Ávila able to produce 5,000 units in a year was also presented at the workshop.


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