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The peoples of Cuba and Canada regarding cultural interests
"There are many similarities between the peoples of Cuba and Canada regarding cultural interests. Evidence of this is the presence of 25 artists from Quebec here in Cuba and the successful exhibit by Cuban artists there in my country," said Jean Pierre Juneau, Canadian Ambassador in Havana at the inauguration of the exhibit 'Art from Quebec in Havana, as part of activities to mark World French Language Day.

The cities of Quebec and Havana started this kind of cultural exchange last September when the works of nine Cuban artists were showed in that French-speaking Canadian city, on a proposal by Richard Martel -an artist from the province of Quebec, who directs the Le Lieu (Contemporary Art Center) and the INTER magazine, from which he develops an intense international work, organizing the Quebec Performance Festivals.

After visiting Havana for the first time on occasion of the 4th Havana Biennial Art Festival, Martel expressed his interest in booting cultural exchange between the two cities.

On the Cuban side, Nelson Herrera Ysla is the coordinator of the project, which is sponsored by the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center and the National Council on Fine Arts. On the Canadian side, the project is sponsored by the countrys Conseil dArts, the Canadian Embassy in Cuba and the French diplomatic mission here.

Cuban artists like Luis Gómez, José M. Fors, Aimée García, Rigoberto Mena, Nelson Ramírez, Liudmila Velazco, Alain Pino, Fernando Rodríguez and José M. Díaz showed their works in the Canadian cities of Quebec and Chicoutimi last September. The exhibit included photography, wall paintings, video and interactive exchanges. All the Cuban artists were well received by critics and their art made a great impact on the media there.

It is now the Canadian artists turn to show their work here in the Cuban capital. They are James Partaik, Renée Methot, Juile André Tremblay, Valade Mathieu, Patrick Altman, Jean Claude St-Hilaire, Cindy Dumais, Cotton Claudine, Carl Bouchard, Yves Tremblay, Hèlene Doyon, Jean Pierre Demers, Caroline Gagné, André Barrette, Martin Dufrasne, Murielle Dupuis-Larose, Simon-Pier Lemelin, Francis Arguin, Henri Chalem, Diane Landry, Sylvie Larouche, Francis OShaughnessy, Vicky Sabourin and Richard Martel.

The most important artistic centers and institutions of Quebec encourage the development of the new tendencies in contemporary art, through constant exchange with artists and experts from different parts of the world.

The exhibit 'Art from Quebec in Havana is being showed until early April at the Fototeca de Cuba and the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales --two Cuban entities attached to this important project of cultural and professional exchange between Quebec and Havana.


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