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 Guyana Health Ministry, praised the work of the Cuban doctors.
In the community of Enterprise, Dr. Ramsaran bid farewell to two of the 15 Cuban doctors who started the Integral Health Program in Guyana two years ago. He also welcomed the six Guyanese medical students, in their final year of studies at the Havana based, Latin American School of Medicine. The students will spend their last year working under Cuban physicians in Guyanese communities.

Rody Cervantes Silva, head of the Cuban medical mission, explained via Internet that the 122 Cubans serving throughout Guyana have to date attended more than 385,000 doctors visits and saved an estimated 200 lives.

The work of the Cuban medical staff has also had an impact on the infant mortality rate, which has dropped from 60 per thousand live births to 28, according to the Guyana authorities.

The first Integral Diagnostic Center, donated by Cuba, began operating last October in the community of Diamond. Besides the opening of the Leonora center, two more are slated to open later this year in the cities of Suddie and Mahaicony.

These centers provide ultrasound, endoscope, electrocardiogram, a clinical laboratory, ophthalmologic, dentistry and surgery services, allowing patients to receive specialized medial attention.

Cervantes Silva also noted that 3,891 Guyanese have had their sight restored as part of the Operation Miracle (Vision Now) eye surgery program sponsored by Cuba and Venezuela. As part of that collaboration, a modern ophthalmologic center is scheduled to open this year.


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