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Forest farms: sources for the ecological stability in Camagüey
The program already began working in three of these units, an area known as "1390", when same number of houses was given to the farmers and their families, who will enlarge 96 hectares of woods, crops, poultry, and livestock, through a contract with the Company.

Luis Ávila, director of the Company in the municipality of Camagüey, explained that this kind of program follows minutely a contract, and that the economical results along with the incomes, the expenses, and the actions to be developed in the next period are deeply analyzed monthly.

About the advantages of the farms, Joaquín González (director of the entity in this province) said that marabu plants were removed, and this land now is used for planting pine trees and other species, and that these three farms should increase the animal breeding and the harvest of vegetables in order to fulfill their self-providing, to contribute with the Company, and to commercialize the third part of their production.

Taking into consideration the large extension of this territory, Camagüey is among the provinces with fewer farms that have been materialized by the Company, to such an extent that by the end of 2007 there were only 47; this means that the three opened this year should be the step forwards completing the number of 20.

This is not about, figures, goals, or plans, but warning about the damages that put at risk our own environment such as: desertification, fires, natural disasters that constantly occur in these areas, places that would come to be worthy sources of ecological stability with woodlands that guarantee sustainable conditions for a future development.


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