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A DVD with the work of the deceased film director Santiago Alvarez was launched in Havana
Divided in three compilations, the first one includes classic short length films; the second includes those dedicated to Latin America and third those to the Asian continent.

It also included enough information on the photos, lists of credits, synopsis, posters, critics and other elements that contribute to a greater knowledge of the task of the documentary film maker.

One of the new features of the anthology is "El Nuevo Tango" about the inauguration ceremony of Hector Jose Campora as President of Argentina, a film that remained unpublished almost 18 years.

Members of the group of digital productions of the Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry ICAIC specified that 48 titles, elaborated with part of the filmic patrimony of the island, that are being restored figure in this festival.

The DVD, translated to English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German, is also being exhibited in local cinemas of the capital.


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