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As a child, Celina was greatly influenced by the Yoruba and Ararat religions, Cuban country and traditional music and the son music, which originated in the eastern region of Cuba.

She debuted at the age of 16 as a singer of the 'punto cubano (Cuban country music) and later formed a duet with Reutilio Domínguez, with whom she held presentations at different Cuban radio stations until 1964. Together, they recorded the main theme of various Cuban films, including 'Rincón Criollo and 'Bella, la Salvaje. In the 1950s, they became famous throughout the Caribbean, as well as in many South American nations, including Colombia.

In the 1960s, Celina continued her professional life as a soloist and her repertoire already included other musical rhythms, like son and guaracha. This Cuban singer has dedicated her art and her life to enriching Cuban traditional music, especially the guajira. She has also interpreted her music and that of other renowned Cuban composers with a unique, personal style.

In 1980, she began to sing with her son Lázaro Reutilio, who has accompanied the Queen of Cuban Country Music for several decades.

She participated in the 'Jornadas Cucalambeanas -a cultural event here in Cuba dedicated to preserving the values of Cuban country music. She also appeared, on several occasions, on the Cuban TV program 'Palmas y Cañas, sharing with younger Cuban interpreters of son and trova music.

Between 1980 and 1998, she traveled several times to Colombia and various European nations and she was highly acclaimed in England, France and Spain, just to mention a few.

Celina is the Queen of Cuban Country Music and her interpretation of the songs 'Yo soy el Punto Cubano and '¡Que Viva Changó! stand out as the two most popular of her professional life.


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