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The Cuban's Art Instructor Olga Alonso: A New Book
As part of the commemoration, the writer Pedro de Jesús presented the book Olga Alonso. Testimonios (Olga Alonso. Testimonies). The text shows a compilation of family letters, poems, anecdotes and other documents born out of the pen of this multifaceted young woman, while she lived with the peasants from the region.

"Every time I go around any road here, I feel my daughter is present," declared Olga González, the mother of the young woman.

Olga Alonso lost her life in a car accident which took place in the area surrounding the community of Casa-zinc, while she was going to rehearse with the amateurs.

In that town, as a symbol of continuity, instructors graduated from the new schools unveiled a plaque in the monument that commemorates the tragic event and they also offered a show with the theater group Garabato.

Children from the Aula de la Esperanza Project (Hope Classroom) for the building up of patriotic values through culture, represented passages of the life of the young woman that made clear the impact of the José Martí Brigade, even in the roughest regions of the hills, thanks to the work of the almost 800 members in Sancti Spíritus.


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