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More than 40 institutions from eleven countries will participate here in Ballet Meeting in Cuba
Around 400 teachers and students from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Australia, as well as the hosts, will assist to the event which will be held in the Gran Teatro de La Habana from March 15 to 29.

The director of the National School of Ballet, Ramona de Sáa, announced that among the guest professors are the Italian Joseph Fontano, president of the World Dance Allience, the Spanish Rosa Folgado and the Brazilian Paula Castro.

The will give conferences, master lessons and practices in different modalities such as classic duet, salon dances, puntas, folklore and Spanish dances for two weeks.

Among the five programmed workshops there is the one on techniques of elementary level in ten year old students, which will be given by maitre Fernando Alonso, founder of the BNC and Fontano.

One of the special moments will be the tribute of the students of the Cuban school to two great architects of the BNC, Alicia and Fernando Alonso.

As every year, there will be held in a parallel manner the International Competition for students, where dancers from an elementary and medium level, aged between 13 and 19 years old are to compete.

The jury will hand out four awards: the Grand Prix, the award for the best dancer, and those for the best duet and performance.


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