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American government did not allowed a group of US musicians to participate in a festival in Cuba
As a result of Washingtons travel ban on the island, all twenty American musicians were not able to take part in the 12th International Electroacoustic Music Festival "Spring in Havana 2008," that is traditionally marked by the fertile creative exchange between US and Cuban artists.

Organizers of the event were informed at the last minute that Bushs administration had denied the musicians permission to travel to Cuba, says a Granma report.

The events coordinator, Jorge Bolanos, told the press, that the hostile policy of the American government is once again stopping us from building a cultural bridge between the two.

Composer Andrew Schloss, who for many years has lived and worked in Canada, is the only US musician present at the forum. Knowledgeable about Cuban electroacustic music and a collaborator with the National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music, Andy regretted the absence of his compatriots, "It has become very difficult for them to travel to Cuba due to the ruthless policy of President George W. Bush."

The festival officially opens with a concert Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Basilica Menor of San Francisco in Old Havana. The program features the work of Cuban composers Carlos Farinas, Roberto Valera, Juan Pinera, Fernando Quinones and the festivals founder Juan Blanco. A special performance by the Schola Cantorum Coralina choir under the direction of Alina Orraca is also scheduled.


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