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Will be Dedicated to Africa and its Diaspora: Cubadisco 2008
The 2003 event was dedicated to Germany and the music industry, 2004 to the Caribbean and its music, women and music was the topic of the 2005 event and the honour guest was Japan, while in 2006 the topic was the Music and dance. Last year the guest of honour was Venezuela and the topic was music and cinema.

This year, Cubadisco looks towards our Mother Africa and their culture in our continent, a opportunity to rediscover the face of Africa in the oral, literature, music, dance and plastic arts traditions and value this beautiful heritage in our culture.

We will pay attention to the news, while, as in 2004 was performed the longest Son of the world, this time will be the longest Rumba of the world, it will start on Saturday 3 of May at 9pm in Guantanamo City, ending on Saturday the 17 of May at 9:00 pm in Havana City.

For more information about the Proram visit the oficial web site of Cubadisco (


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