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This years edition was characterized by the presence of controversial materials like "Zona de Silencio", by filmmaker Karen Ducasse, which approached such topics as censorship and self-censorship.
According to Cuban critic Frank Padron, "the documentary comes closer to several intellectuals who could contribute it their experience and sharpness: Anton Arrufat and Pedro Juan Gutierrez, singer-songwriter Frank Delgado, filmmaker Fernando Perez and critic Gustavo Arcos help clear the road: What range and limits does that Damocles Sword of creation have?, Where and how does self-censorship begin to play its role in the creative process? What coordinates does the censor handle, Up to what point is its existence relevant in a society like ours?.

Now offers the list of awardees.

Contest Award: New Cuban Filmmakers

1- Best Fiction Film: Tierra roja, by Heidi Hassan

Mention: El patio de mi casa, by Patricia Ramos

2- Best Documentary: Extravío, by Daniellis Hernández

Mentions: 13 000, by Jorge Luis Barber and Cómo construir un barco, by Susana Barriga

3- Best Animation: El propietario, by Ernesto Piña and Wilber Noguel

Mentions: outstanding contestants per specialty:

Screenplay: Heidi Hassán, for Tierra roja

Photography: Lily Suárez, for El patio de mi casa

Sound: Rubén Valdés, for Cómo construir un barco

Edition: Jorge Luis Barber, for 13 000

Production: Indra Estrada, for Trovador

Art Direction: Harol Lamorú, for La bestia

Performance: Group of actors from El patio de mi casa

Visual Effects: Yimit Ramírez, for The Beauty or the Beast

Music: Nacional Electrónica, because of the group of its works in the contest (Las flores feas and Te quiero mucho)

Contest Award: La mirada del Otro

Documentary Direction: Nazly López, by Pucha Vida


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