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Cuban Province of Holguin is Hosting a Regional Workshop to Exchange Experiences on Reduction Natural Disasters
Representative of Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, as well as guests from several municipalities in the eastern part of Cuba who have been affected by recent weather events, are attending the event.

Following the welcome and the call for fraternal exchange made by the General of Division Ramon Pardo Guerra, Head of the National Civil Defense and Vivian Rodriguez Gordín, president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power; participants heard speeches by Miguel Diaz - Canel, first secretary of the Party in Holguín and Marx Ikerberg, coordinator of the Belgian solidarity organization with Cuba.

Diaz-Canel highlighted that Holguin has been affected, in a very short time, by a severe drought followed by a long period of rain, so the audience will see in practice the plans of the country to counter and prevent the impact of events in this type.

For his part Marx said that it is no longer possible with the current model of development and we need to prepare for difficult times caused by climate change. He explained that Cuba has much to offer in terms of experience in this field and thanked the authorities of the country and from the province to make possible the realization of this meeting.

On the opening day several topics were discussed, including those related to the role of schools and the media in education and disaster prevention, a key issue in the success of our country in this area. Participants stressed the importance of information with a truly humanitarian sense and non sensationalist, as is the case in most parts of the world; the need to adapt strategies to be created for these cases, the ethno-cultural characteristics of the peoples of our region were also discussed in the meeting.

After concluding the presentation of works related to the studies of disaster risk, early warning systems, preparedness in risk reduction in communities, evacuation systems, among others, the participants will visit the municipalities of Mayarí in Holguin and Rio Cauto in Granma, to appreciate the interrelationship between government, Party, the people and the Civil Defense, in implementing plans for disaster prevention.


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