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The achievement was supported by the hard work carried out by CUPET fuel supply company to guarantee the provisioning required.

In the power-production field, Holguin reported 303,1 gigawats/ hour, that is the total need of the province for a three-month period. The province kept the power availability at 91.4 % and reported only two blackouts caused by production deficit.
The electric company kept an outstanding work throughout the year. They changed 86 kilometres of wiring and repaired 10, 744 minor incidents, including 327 low-tension zones and 13 newly electrified rural settlements. Such works had an impact on 96, 166 customers.

Highly welcomed by locals are the public lighting improvements taking place in Holguin city and Santa Lucía, Báguano, Cacocum and Moa towns.
Another relevant contribution in 2007 was carried out by the company for electric assemblage, setting-up a high-voltage wire to link Holguin and Felton.
All these achievements show the good health of the Energetic Revolution particularly in Holguin, and all through Cuba.


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