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A cultural hand to hand: Spain and Cuba
Among the sponsors of the event is the Coordination Centre for the International Collaboration of the Cuban Culture, an institution belonging to the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Getafe (Madrid) Association of Culture and International Cooperation.

The presence of Mr. Gabriel Navarrete, president of Culture and International Collaboration and of Mr. Virgilio Cano, director of that institution, as well as of Luis Felipe Vazquez, director of the Coordination Centre for the International Collaboration of the Cuban Culture made possible the crystallization of the projects supported by the highest authorities of Getafe Town Hall.

Cubarte had the opportunity to know the statement made by Gabriel Navarrete, who answered quick questions about the work made with our country.

Which have been the actions in the cultural sphere made in favour of Cuba?

Our main objective is to promote projects linked to the planning and promotion of cultural programs directed to developing countries. For some years, Cuba has given us that possibility. We started in the sport areas, but were not distant from other areas, such as culture.

Since 2005 we are supporting the participation of Cuban artists at the Arcos Fair. Every edition represents a space for creation and to know the diversity of the international artistic panorama, it was then when we managed to have the presence of the Cuban Arts Museum for the first time in the history of the Fair. There have been other audio visual projects: a Cuban contemporary photographic exhibition, the publication of a graphic book and the exhibition of pharmacy art among many other things.

We have signed collaboration agreements with important Cuban cultural institutions, such as Casa de las Americas, UNEAC and the Office of the Historian of the City.

In 2007 is when you know about the existence of the Coordination Centre for the International Collaboration of the Cuban Culture. What has meant the creation of this institution for the work you are doing?

It is great. Then we carried the projects through different ways, when we know about their existence, we realised that they are our counterpart. Therefore, the dialogue and procedures are much easier. We have always had confidence and dynamism with the Cuban part we have got in touch with, no0w is much easier.

Future plans ....

We have several, but there is one directed towards the Turquino Plan, we have called "Cubo de arte" (Cubes of art) and there are constructions in a way of cubes - as a geometrical figure - that will have two floors in which will be held plastic art workshops, everything for the promotion of artistic creation. An important question with this project is that the location has been taken care of. It is well located, since we do not want to affect the nature or the environment of the place. We really believe that the work is being carried out in that place with such a difficult access is beautiful from the social point of view and, therefore, our contribution is that project.

The meeting ended with the announcement of an agenda to be executed in Spain. The call and its repercussion will be priorities for future journalist works, which will be published in our Digital Portal of Culture.


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