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In Holguin, Cuba: National Conference on Human Capital Management.
At the opening of the meeting, Nestor Prado Arza, director of the Center for the Management Knowledge Networks (GECYT), stressed that the location for the event was chosen taking into account the economic importance Holguin for nickel production in Cuba. The metal is a major source of hard currency for the island and offers great potential for the current human resources in this area of more than 72,000 residents, of which a high percentage are workers.

During the meeting a video-conference was presented by Dr. Alfredo Morales Cartaya, minister of Labor and Social Security, around which there was ample discussion by human resource managers, specialists and trainers from the Cubaníquel Enterprise Group and other firms in the municipality.

Also introduced at the event were various strategies to achieve necessary staff training levels throughout the country to achieve the gradual implementation this year of the Cuban Human Capital Management Standards.

Managers of Cubaníquel Enterprise Group led a symposium on experiences in the field of human resources carried out in this important sector, highlighting the Commander Gustavo Machín Mechanics Company and other firms moving with sure steps to obtain certifications in the shortest possible time.

Margarita Rodriguez Ariosa, a GECYT specialist, introduced the CD "Human Capital Network," which contains important documents, meeting overviews and seven workshops held earlier in different provinces of the country.

During the event, the council of the Human Capital Network in Moa was elected, which will now be made up by Niurky Arguelles, the municipal director of Labor and Social Security; Maria Caridad Linares, a specialist in Human Resources for the Cubaníquel Group; and Niurka Leon Pupo, a professor at the Antonio Nunez Jimenez Mining and Metallurgical Institute.

During the closing ceremony, Secundino Marrero, vice chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Moa, described this event as "productive" for all businesses and entities in the municipality for achieving progress toward a Cuban model of integrated management of human capital.


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