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Renovation of Cuban Turiguanó-Cayo Coco Causeway Begins
Ortelio González Martínez

General repair works began at the first causeway ever built in Cuba, a construction that for 20 years has connected Turiguanó-Cayo Coco keys to mainland, both located north of this central province.

Roberto Ramírez Madrigal, director of the brigade in charge of the investment, advanced that works will cost more than 23 millions pesos, including a part in foreign currency.

Considered as the biggest roadwork in the territory due to its significance, repair began in bridge number 10, the most deteriorated of all the 14 in the causeway. Later, maintenances will continue in bridge number two and 11, this one foreseen to be concluded in 2009.

The repairing program includes finishing walks, roadsides and the construction of seven lighthouses, conceived in the original project and never materialized. Also, 20 miles of breakwaters (a kind of protection rocks) are going to be place in both sides of the causeway, of which the Roberto Rodríguez -El Vaquerito- brigade has concluded the first 3 282 yards.

Among the constructive novelties, highlight the production for the first time in the province of fortified beams of 10.94 and 21.88 yards, with the employment of materials that guarantee high resistance concretes, able to increase the supports capacity of those platforms, deteriorated for being exposed to the action of very aggressive natural agents.

Forces of the Simón Reyes brigade (ECOING 27) are making progresses in repair works on foundations and beams structures.
Turiguanó-Cayo Coco causeway, an idea of Commander-in-chief Fidel Castro, was built in just 16 months by the Roberto Rodríguez brigade. This road, 26 560 yards long, was at the time the most important work related to the development of tourism in the country, as linked an area of a great touristic potential to mainland.

Nowadays 12 hotels are working in Coco and Guillermo keys, with more than 3 600 rooms, a number that should increase with the start of new investments in Paredón Grande key, located more to northeast from these islands.

(Translated by Cubaheadlines Staff)

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