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In that agreed the singer Silvio Rodríguez, who remembered at the Villa Clara Guamajal prison the idea of our National Hero that to be educated is the only way of being free.

This way is ending the tour - initiative of the author of Te doy una canción - through the prisons of the east of Cuba. The tour will continue in the west of Cuba after the return of the singer from several international tours that will take him to several Central American countries, among them Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

In the meeting with the penal population, Silvio remembered that he and the artists who have accompanied him in the tour, were there because they believed in them and in the value of culture to achieve their quick reintegration into society.

Answering a question of a foreign press the singer remembered that "Cuba is a country that has always worked for improve the human being, but we should not forget that we are a besieged land, that we have suffered the effects of a long blockade and of a special period, factors that lead in some period of time to increase the penal population and it is up to all of us, including the culture, to revert the situation.

In the presentations the famous artist was accompanied by the singers Amaury Pérez and Vicente Feliz, the women quartet Sexto Sentido, the National Literature Award winner Reinaldo González, the improviser Alexis Díaz Pimienta, the painter Ernesto Rancaño, who joined the group with an itinerant exhibition and Lester Hamlet, audiovisual producer.

In a press conference, Silvio Rodríguez recognized that the exchange with the prisoners was above the expectations and praised the cultural movement that is promoted in the prisons.

In the last presentation, the singer was accompanied by Abel Prieto Jiménez, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and minister of Culture, as well as with Omar Ruiz Martín and Alexander Rodríguez Rosada authorities of the Party and Government in the territory respectively, who gave Silvio the Shield of the Province and the condition of distinguished guests to Eusebio, Amaury, Vicente, Pimienta, Rancaño and Reinaldo. The rest of the artists received the Statue of Che and recognition for their cultural collaboration with the city of Santa Clara.


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