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The new direction of the Association of Writers and Artists from Cuba in Santiago de Cuba was elected.
The new direction of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Association of Writers and Artists from Cuba) (UNEAC in Spanish) in the province of Santiago de Cuba was elected in an assembly of members of the association that evaluated the work over the last five years.

The composer of Cuban popular music, Rodulfo Vaillant García, was ratified in the presidency of the Provincial Committee of the UNEAC, a responsibility he has been holding for ten years.

Almost a hundred and fifty members of the Association assisted to the constitutive meeting, which took place in the majestic Heredia Theater from the Avenida Las Américas, and they selected three vice-presidents who will regulate the way of the UNEAC for five years, together with Vaillant: the designer Marta Caridad Mosquera Rosell, the poet and writer Teresa Caridad Melo Rodríguez and the radio and television broadcaster, Gerardo Houdayer Lafaurié.

The meeting, the ninth with a provincial character that takes place in Cuba before the VII UNEAC Congress, had the assistance of the member of the Political Buro from the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC in Spanish), Misael Enamorado Dager; Rolando Yero, president of the Provintial Assembly of the Peoples Power (Governor), other leaders and employees from the PCC and the Peoples Power and the sculptor José Villa Soberón, national vice-president of the Organizing Committee of the VII Congress of the association.

Other five personalities complete the provincial direction of the association of artists and intellectuals in Santiago de Cuba, and they will lead the same number of groups according to their specialties: Deysi Cué with the writers; Adolfo Escalona, with the plastic artists; Ramiro Herrero, with the staging art; Guillermo Silva, with the cinema, radio and television and Leonardo Alexander, with the musicians. The artists and intellectuals from Santiago analyzed the most efficient way to take art to the people, one of the main objectives of the UNEAC.

The closing words of the encounter were pronounced by the high leader of the PCC, Misael Enamorado, who called the artists from Santiago to work to boost and consolidate the cultural advances in the province.


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