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Publishing house Ácana continues enriching literary scope in Camagüey
The publishing house Ácana fulfilled the publication plan allocated for 2007, together with the local publishers of Havana and Granma, enriching so the provincial literary panorama with 26 titles.

Almost 40 percent of the production is framed into the children literature, that is the collection "Musa traviesa", though it is complemented by poetry, narration and essays; all of great significance for the readers like "Cartas a Amalia", where its author Juan Ramírez Pellerano analyzes the letters written by the honourable woman.

In the list also appear books such as "Roa: voz y actitud", by Jorge Santos Caballero, about the life of the former Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa; the third edition of "La furia de los vientos", where Pedro Armando Junco presents a deep approach on the catastrophic1932 cyclone that hit the seaside town of Santa Cruz del Sur; and the second edition of "El Cuaderno de Aliosha", by Roberto Méndez.

These titles will represent Camagüey in the International Book Fair, in the Castle of La Cabaña, together to thee volumes dedicated to the youngest readers: "El valle de las Pampolinas", by Niurki Pérez; "La niña de las perchas", by Yunexis Nobalbo; and "Dulce hogar", by Ada Zayas Bazán.

The first print runs of 2008, chosen among the 29 titles of the current year, will be the book of poetry "Sed infinita", by Jesús Zamora and "Las dimensiones del péndulo", by Dainier Silva. Ácana also foresees the publication of "Historias de mi pueblo", by José Oropeza who portrays his home village of Najasa.

In 2000 Acana began its operations as part of the system of provincial publishing houses and since then it has launched some 245 titles.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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