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In Cuba to pay tribute to Luis Braille
The two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Luis Braille, the Frenchman who created the system for writing and reading for blind people, was celebrated in Cuba with different activities.

The Asociación Nacional del Ciego (National Blind People Association) (ANCI in Spanish) and the Ministry for Education (MINED in Spanish) sponsored a plan with nineteen tasks which lasted until January 4, 2009, the day of the event.

It included the issue of a commemorative postal stamp, the call to an international competition and the constitution of sections on public libraries on the sense of touch reading method.

There was also a conference on the development and promotion of that procedure used today by millions of blind people all over the world, as well as the Braille publication of the maths and music codes.

Braille is used in Cuba in special schools, in more than a hundred areas of reading for blind people and in the print houses of the already mentioned organizations that produce books for that part of the population.


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