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The culture system in Camaguey evidences significative advances in the year that is about to end, while the development of the leading artistic manifestations of this central eastern Cuban province gets perfected.

The realization in Camaguey of a great number of events that allowed for educational and cultural exchange may be qualified as positive. These events included the presence of artists, theatre bands, orchestras and musical groups with a small format either from the province as well as from other parts of Cuba,

The participation of professional artists as well as of those belonging to the wide movement of amateurs as well as the work of the culture houses and the cultural promoters are shaped from the experiences and needs in the neighborhoods and communities.

Visual arts have also been favored during this ending period, with the strengthening of the program in every one of the rooms dedicated to that purpose in Camaguey, one of the main theater posts in Cuba.

It is also important to highlight on this stage the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Camaguey Ballet, the international tours of the Folklorik Ballet and of the Maraguán Artistic group, and this groups golden medal in the International Dijon Competition, in France.

Abut the literary potential, the local publishing house Ácana managed to bring out to the market 30 new titles, while the reanimation of music and shows in the popular celebrations is recognized. (Alex López Almaguer

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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