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The need of a bigger attention and preservation of the historic memory of Cuba in the audiovisual media was one of the most repeated criteria by cinema, radio and TV creators.

The national analysis plenary of the Association of artists of those media, as part of the VII Congress of the UNEAC, was polemic and with great critic. The plenary had over twenty speeches that defended the need of a better quality and variety in the works and its protection.

Rolando Alfonso Borges, chief of Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, highlighted the importance the country gives to the media and qualified the meeting as marvelous due to the importance of the problem expressed and the unity seen in the speeches.

It is necessary, he said, to continue the work to change mentalities and daily life must be more reflected in the audiovisual media.

He announced that there has been assigned financial resources to the written press, radio and TV and also to preserve the patrimony.

Eliades Acosta, chief of Cultural Department of the Central Committee of the Cubna Communist Party, expressed his satisfaction for the life and plural debate of the meeting that showed, he said, the wishes to participate and the trust that the Revolution will solve the difficulties.

The nee of creativity and originality in TV programs, its recognition, the need to move them away from banality and the redesign of the relationships the producing institutions were among the analysis.

The VII Congress of the UNEAC already started this debate, said one of the creators and that affirmation is becoming a reality with the accentuation in the reflections about current day topics in Cuba that have in the artistic avant-garde the defense of the identity and the talent as priorities.

Seven month ago started its works the Organizing Commission of the VII Congress of UNEAC, with which ended the process of national plenary in its five associations preparing the work for the event that will be held in the first three month of 2008.


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