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Fifteen plastic artists have agreed to change the pejorative tone, many of them use to refer some communities, such as Pogolotti, La Güinera y Ceiba.

Until the 28th of November, their works bet to the dream of continuing the transformation the marginal condition of those neighbourhoods of the capital, with their exhibition at the Fresa y Chocolate hall of the ICAIC.

The exhibition is part of the "Todo Almendares" project that between August and September 2007, organized exhibitions of local artists in their own neighbourhoods. The initiative culminated in the selection of some of these works and its reunion in a single exhibition space that is named "Almendares Diverso".

The purpose of this Project, under the criteria of the cultural promoter René Tamayo León, is to take the art to the neighbours, to increase the prestige of these communities of Havana and to contribute to the social cohesion and the pacific solution of conflicts.

On the other hand, the art critic Píter Ortega Núñez, expressed that this exhibition shows once again something the Cuban critic Gerardo Mosquera has said many times: - that in our country the system of free education to the reach of everybody has favoured the way the high and the low culture hybridize themselves is different from the other hegemonic centres of universal culture.

-It is not about the mass culture inserting itself in the elite culture, but doing it-, he stated.

The project "Todo Almendares" has the support of the metropolitan park of Havana and the International Committee for the Development of the Peoples, that also promotes social, cultural and environmental activities that include among other actions, spontaneous theatre workshop and children options.
(Juventud Rebelde)

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