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Distribution of independent films is today a challenge for developing nations, faced with competitiveness of the US film industry and its control of movie circuits and theaters.

In the framework of the First Film Festival of Southern Peoples, which is being held on the Venezuelan Margarita island, experts mentioned the need to make the films to reach national and international audiences, especially Ibero Americans.

The conference on the progress of the Spanish, Latin American and Venezuelan cinema gathered a group of experts from Venezuela, Chile, Spain, and Puerto Rico, who presented their own realities, moderated by Erasmo Ramirez, the festival director.

Nacional Autonomous Cinematography Center Chair Juan Carlos Losada commented on the Venezuealn experience, which has seen increase of film production and new possibilites of distributing those films.

Faced with this, Lossada announced the coming opening of a digital publishing company, which will allow to make and trade nacional and international films in DVD format.

The seventh art of the South seeks spaces to take its works to the audience in movie theaters, domestic formats, or through the Internet, faced with pressure by the US industry, which controls 80 percent of the programs and movie theaters of the world.

The event, scheduled up to November 22, includes two dozen feature films that will offer a different proposal of the seventh art to the Venezuelan audience.

The participant countries include Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Ethiopia, Philippines, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, and others.

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