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video club
Video Clubs, one among more than 200 programs the Revolution is implementing in Cuba, are turning out to be an ideal community space for the membership to enrich its cultural life.

Adalberto Marcel Suárez, Deputy Director of those centers at national level, expressed in the 3rd Science and Technique Meeting, held in Ciego de Ávila, that the activities carried out to foster human, political and social values in the people are multiple and varied.

"Those places, besides showing the best of universal cinematography, are the stage for several kinds of performances, literary meetings and exhibitions organized by art instructors", Marcel explained.

He also referred that those rooms are also used to debate topics of historical and social interest, and to teach upgrading courses to Social Workers and new health professionals.
In Cuba there are 352 centers of this type, even in the most isolated places of each province. They are very well acclimatized, furnished and equipped.
Founded in 2000 at the initiative of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, these cultural institutions are closely related to primary schools and the Family Doctor and Nurse.

The staff working at the video clubs is qualified to assist children with auditory and sight problems.

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