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Doctor Juan Rosas Guzman, President of the Latin American Diabetes Association (ALAD), praised on Thursday Cuba's achievements in the treatment of this disease.

Speaking to ACN, Guzman, who is participating in the 13th Latin American Congress on Diabetes that concludes Friday at Havana's Convention Center, said that in spite of Washington's financial, commercial and economic blockade, Cuba's efforts to guarantee the treatment of the almost 350,000 patients who suffer from diabetes on the island are remarkable.

Rosas Guzman, who was elected as ALAD president for the 2007-2010 period during this meeting that is being attended by 1,600 experts from 33 countries, praised the Cuban National Program to Fight Diabetes that goes from primary health care to specialized treatments.

"I have been a friend of Cuba for many years and I am familiar with all the programs implemented on the island to improve the quality of life of people and, particularly, of those who suffer from diabetes," noted Guzman, who highly commended Cuban specialists for their high professional level.

ALAD is formed by more than 5,000 members from 18 countries and also by a group of specialists who work on diverse areas in Latin America. It promotes the program 'United against Diabetes', approved by the World Health Organization.

Today, there are 19 million people suffering from diabetes in Latin America and 250 million around the world. Seven million people die every year as a result of this disease that has already become a pandemic, concluded the ALAD President.
(Cuban News Agency)

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