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Casa de las Americas
Luis Miranda, long-time president of the New York-based Casa de Las Americas and a renowned fighter in defense of the Cuban Revolution died in that US city this week.

Miranda was part of a generation of Cubans who migrated to the Unites States and were always faithful to their homeland, while contributing to the Cuban people's struggle against the dictatorship headed by Fulgencio Batista.

Luis Miranda founded a chapter of the 26 of July Movement in New York, where he spent most of his life. He also raised funds to help the Cuban Revolution and he became the spokesman that revealed the crimes committed in Cuba by the Batista dictatorship as well as the reasons for fighting it.

He was also a founder of the Casa Cuba organization, which later became the Casa de Las Americas. The institution hosted dozens of delegations from Latin America and other regions of the world for decades, and it was also a scenario of solidarity with Cuba and its struggle against the US empire.

Due to its solidarity-with-Cuba activities, Luis Miranda and his institution were the target of numerous attacks by US-based Anti-Cuba terrorist organizations, which only encouraged his commitment to the fair and patriotic cause of Cuba.

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