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Ediciones Cubanas Publishing House will celebrate its 30 anniversary

Ediciones Cubanas, a notable Cuban branch, specialized in the import, export, distribution and marketing of books and publications, turns on December 30 years of enriching work for Cuban culture. It has among its missions to show the best in the literature, art and Cuban sciences, from classic works of great world recognition until the most novel and renovating literary materials in the island.

Their wide catalog gathers among other authors: Nicolás Guillen, Eliseo Diego, Dulce Ma. Loynaz, Roberto Fernández Retamar, Miguel Barnet, Pablo Armando Fernández, Carilda Oliver, Jaime Sarusky, Graciela Pogolotti and Leonardo Acosta, among others, all National Prizes of Literature.

Belonging to ARTex, Artistic and Literary Promotions S.A, Ediciones Cubanas has also become one of the main leaders in the national marketing of stationary supplies, desk and school material whose varied offer can contribute to complete the most diverse enterprising and personal needs.

Among their varied offers that are marketed in a wide bookstores chain, airports and tourist destinations of Cuba, we can find Cuban and universal literature, art, social sciences, science and technique, encyclopedias, language courses, photographic books, posters in individual cases, post cards, calendars, tourist guides and Cuba maps, stationary and desk supplies, school materials, calendars, agendas, spiral notebooks, manila and letter envelopes, briefcases and souvenirs.

Ediciones Cubanas also offers subscription service to publications distributed worldwide, through its website It acquires specialized books abroad for institutions that request the service. Literature and other printed materials importing service to national entities and provides marketing services of products from its catalogue to clients wholesalers.

ll these years of experience and arduous work in the promotion of the Cuban and universal literature represent an unquestionable guarantee and an excellent precedent for its future work: to promote the literary work of the island.

Source: Soy

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