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Ricardo Alarcón and Danielle Mitterrand Met Monday in Havana

Ricardo Alarcón received Danielle Mitterrand, who is in Cuba to participate in the 15th Solidarity Encounter of City Halls with Havana.

The defense of human rights should include the survival of humanity and the access to water as a public asset, said Mitterrand during a conference entitled Water Management: A Decision of Society, held at the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP).

Alarcón attended the ICAP gathering along with officials from the ministries of Foreign Affairs; Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration; and Science, Technology and the Environment. Also present was French Ambassador to Cuba Frederic Dore.

Roger Grevoul, president of the Cuba Cooperation Association, highlighted the ties of the French organizations with Cuba in projects of cooperation and solidarity, and spoke about how a growing number of activists from France are joining the island in its struggle against the US blockade, recently condemned by 184 countries at the UN General Assembly.

Danielle Mitterrand said her organization promotes countries that include the right to potable water in their constitutions while specifying that it not be used as a commercial product.

Source: by Raisa Pages

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