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The presentation of the poem book "Créditos de Charlot" (Credits of Charlot), by Fina García Marruz, 2007 Pablo Neruda Poetry Ibero American award winner, closed the intense and varied Cuban program at the XXVII Book Fair of Santiago de Chile.
A panel made by Iroel Sánchez, president of the Cuban Book Institute and the authors Mirta Yáñez, Roberto Zurbano and Eugenio Marrón. on the work of the distinguished writer was the start of the promotion of the title.
Last March the prestigious jury gave this international award to garcia Marruz, who is also an essay writer and researcher and considered her as "one of he most distinguished women of the Latin American poetry, who has expressed the spirituality and religious devotion in her poetic work".
The author is also recognized for her studies on Jose Martí thinking and for her poetry full of world worries. Fina García Marruz won the 1990 National Literature award and was part of the group of poets of the Origenes magazine.
Yesterday was the Cuban Day at the Chilean literary meeting and according to several news agencies, one of the most important events was the presentation of the resent edition, by the Letras Cubanas, of the novel-testimony "Biografía de un cimarrón" (Biography of a Slave), written by the also award winner Cuban writer Miguel Barnet, who was present in the event.
The also author of the novels "Gallego" and "La vida real" (Real life), took part as guests at the International Meting, called by the Society of Chilean Writers, where he talked about the social literature.
As part of the Cuban Day it was also very applauded the artistic performance given by the feminine vocal group Sexto sentido. The group paid tribute to Brazil, guest country at the Fair, to the international and Cuban music.
Source: Cubarte

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