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Danielle Mitterrand, president of the France-Libertés NGO, is in Cuba to participate in the 15th Solidarity Encounter of City Halls with Havana.

Mitterrands visit is encouraged by Mitterrands friendship and solidarity with the Cuban people, Granma newspaper reports.

France-Libertés is a non-government organization, which was founded in 1986 to promote human rights, with particular emphasis on environment issues and the peoples right to access drinking water as a patrimony of humankind.

The NGO also promotes social awareness on those issues around the world. Danielle Mitterrand has maintained a position in support of Cubas sovereignty and independence and against the over-45-year US economic, financial and commercial blockade of the island and imperialist aggressions.

During her stay in Cuba, Mitterrand will meet with local Cuban officials and will tour places of economic, social and cultural interest.

Source: Cuban News Agency

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