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Over 300 million Committed at Havana International Trade Fair

The $300 million committed as investments in Cuba at the Havana trade fair has proven the failure of the US to isolate Cuba

The presence of 1,398 companies from 53 countries, together with the significance of the fair as a sign of confidence in the islands economy and Cubas role in economic and social integration of the region, were facts highlighted by Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas at the end of the fairs award ceremony.

Cabrisas acknowledged the growth of the Havana trade fair since its foundation, with only three countries twenty-five years ago. He also pointed out that this annual gathering of businesses and governmental entities has not only gained significant international prestige, but also proves the failure of the US to isolate Cuba.

The minister highlighted the fact that both the fair and the International Biotechnology Conference were held simultaneously. In this respect, he pointed out that currently the island exports about 38 biotechnological products to 40 countries, which proves the increasing importance of non-traditional sectors and services provided by Cuba.

Companies and entities from Cuba, Panama, Germany, Brazil, Holland, Venezuela, Italy, China, Chile and other countries were awarded. Spain had the largest representation at the event, while Canada had the greatest number of businesses participating from the Americas.

Cuban companies such as ETECSA, Havana Club International, Habanos S.A and Brascuba were among those awarded. Cuba finished with eleven gold medals for quality, Spain with four and Panama with three.

The Havana Convention Center was also awarded, with its director, Abraham Maciques, singled out for his continuous work as the head of the trade fair Organizing Committee over the past 25 years.

Source: By Amaury del Valle, Juventud Rebelde

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